The Residence

The "Relais de Campagne Il Melograno" well represents the new concept of temporary lodging.
The restructuring of this valuable ancient country house expresses the desire of a more authentic life style, that inhales you to enjoy the quiet and the relax of the countryside after important business appointments, without renouncing to style, to elegance and the love for details; in every apartment the furnishing shows above all the taste for the country atmosphere, warm, soft and elegant.

The Relais de Campagne "Il Melograno" is located in a strategic position that allows you to reach several touristic destinations;
it is very close to Venice, only few minutes from Treviso and the roman town of Oderzo (Opitergium), near Vicenza and Palladio’s Villas;
but also the most important financial districts of Venetian region are close by.
So the "Relais Il Melograno" is the concrete answer to the demand of high-level temporary lodging for tourists that desires a quiet staying in the Venetian countryside and business men as well.

At the "Relais Il Melograno" you will find a moment of peace and relax by observing the natural rhythm of the countryside, the sunrise, the sunset, the colors of different seasons; an exclusive pleasure in a piece of paradise.